Meet Our Inaugural ClassKatherine Elliott

Prior to CUSP, Katherine studied urban planning at the University of California, San Diego. Her interests in urban science and CUSP came from initially studying international relations with a focus on the social and political impacts of urbanization. After taking a class outlining the history of planning in the United States, she became enthralled with the role and influence of planners in addressing urban issues. Katherine’s internship experience with AECOM on the public outreach team for the California High-Speed Rail project led her to focus on sustainable transportation and the impacts of urban design on travel behavior.

In order to better understand how governments can improve their use of data collected for decades to advance cities, Katherine joined the inaugural Masters class at CUSP, where her academic domain and discipline focus was on data mining and transportation. In addition, she worked on creating a predicative model for gentrification in New York City, and, as part of a team project, developed a resiliency index for the city based on the location of at-risk populations. For her capstone project, she collaborated with a team to evaluate the accuracy of past environmental impact projections and land use dynamics in New York City.

After graduation, Katherine moved to San Francisco to join the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency as a Public Information Officer.