Meet Our Inaugural ClassJeongki Lim

Jeongki graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Study from New York University, with a specialization in human rights, political economy, and global visual culture. Upon graduation in 2010, he served in the Republic of Korea Air Force, where he helped to create the Force’s Counterterrorism Tactical Unit. Upon returning to the US in 2012, he worked in the New York City Council Speaker’s Office and saw first-hand how to turn ideas into policies with multiple stakeholders in a complex urban environment. Driven to learn new ways to make a difference, he joined the CUSP inaugural M.S. class.

At CUSP, Jeongki focused on projects with high applicability where analytics lead to actionable insights. Two of his projects with fellow cohorts on NYC Universal Pre-K Allocation Model and Visualization of United Nations Global Trade Data are to be published in print and digital media respectively. He was active in developing a professional community around the new field of urban informatics by hosting a series of events featuring leaders in both the public sector and the tech venture capital community. Working on Quantified Community projects with CUSP’s industry partners, he saw how integrating ‘Internet of Things’ capacity into existing infrastructure can enhance both public and private goals through enhanced experience. Interning at Enstoa and Control Group, he learned how to integrate data science into a firm’s competitive strategy for disrupting industries and how to apply data-driven decision models in agile project management.

After completing his degree at CUSP, Jeongki joined Control group as a full-time Consultant.