Meet Our Inaugural ClassHassan Mohanna

Hassan graduated from the American University of Beirut with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer and Communications Engineering. After starting his career in IT, he moved into management consulting for various industries, with a particular focus on public sector transformation. His work was concentrated in the Persian Gulf, the Middle East, and North Africa, including government bodies and logistics firms, as well as utilities, construction, and petrochemical organizations. He was among a handful of consultants working for the new Libyan government to restructure the national telecoms sector along global standards.

Hassan joined CUSP because of his commitment to public service and experience with different city government clients, both of which led him to view cities as the new main unit of intervention and analysis to provide better quality of life for citizens. At CUSP, Hassan was a member of the Quantified Communities program, where he analyzed energy consumption data for New York City, and participated in the planning and rollout of a pilot project for Smart Cities and Quantified Communities in collaboration with CUSP’s private-sector partners. He also interned at an innovation strategy firm, where he focused on consulting services for the new administration of New York City.

Hassan is also pursuing a Diploma in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science via remote study. After completing his degree at CUSP, he hopes to work in smart city policy and consulting projects with city governments across the US before returning to the Middle East, where rapidly-urbanizing nations can greatly benefit from American and European experiences with smart cities and urban governance.