Meet Our Inaugural ClassGang Zhao

Gang received his Bachelor of Engineering in Industrial Engineering from Shandong University in China in 2006, followed by a Masters in Urban Planning and Design in 2013 from the same university. After receiving his undergraduate degree, Gang worked as a subcontract manager and technician at a construction company. This gave him a fresh understanding of the relationship between cities and construction, which led to his decision to study urban planning. During his urban planning and design studies, he focused on the application of Space Syntax theory with statistical models, carrying out quantitative research on the evolution of urban commercial centers. This ultimately led to a publication in the 2012 national planning conference in China.

In the Fall of 2013, Gang joined CUSP’s inaugural class. His aim was to further explore the potential of data-driven techniques in understanding and developing cities. During his time at CUSP, he developed his Python programming skills, as well as his skills in Hadoop, SQL, and R. He also had the opportunity to conduct systemic data analysis and visualizations with large datasets, in addition to hands-on experience with machine learning during his graduate assistantship. His final project at CUSP involved modeling NYC taxi data and predicting 911 events.

After receiving his Master’s degree from CUSP, Gang hopes to join the tech industry or academia. His aim is to use his unique understanding of urban contexts along with his data analysis skills to enhance the quality of urban life.