Meet Our Inaugural ClassChih Ning Lee

Chih Ning Lee earned her undergraduate degree in the Department of Political Science at National Taiwan University, where she focused on environmental governance and sustainable development.

During her year at CUSP, Chih Ning conducted several qualitative research projects. These included an evaluation proposal on a housing program serving young women who have been exploited through commercial sex or domestic violence. Another project was a case study on the protection and empowerment of women against violence through information and communication technology in Rio de Janeiro for a UN project. She also worked on a number of projects that helped develop her data analysis and visualization skills. These included a project analyzing multiple data sets on small businesses in Chicago, which aimed at building a model to identify risks affecting small businesses. Chih Ning also worked on an energy project examining behavior change for commercial office building tenants. She is currently interning at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in New York.

After graduating from CUSP, Chih Ning wants to further leverage urban informatics to promote social justice, enhance resilience and sustainability, and pursue women empowerment in her future career.