Meet Our Inaugural ClassChaitanya Velicheti

Chaitanya received his Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the University in Mumbai in 2010. Upon graduating, he worked as a business intelligence consultant for three years, providing valuable insights to client companies, focusing on key performance indicators and key results areas. His expertise is in process automation, decision support system, and building data warehouses that gather information from multiple structured and unstructured data sources.

In joining CUSP, Chaitanya saw an opportunity to gain further knowlege in data mining as well as  enhance his understanding of urban systems. His coursework at CUSP involved decision models, citizen science, urban systems and transportation models, giving him first-hand experience of how urban issues were being tackled by city agencies and how data gathering happened on a day-to-day basis in a city like New York.

After graduating from CUSP, Chaitanya intends to work as a data scientist, tackling the challenges that can be solved using a data-driven approach. He sees himself working to develop better data warehousing techniques and creating insights through data, be that for civic agencies or private companies.