Meet Our Inaugural ClassAmir Beshay

Amir graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from the German University in Cairo in 2010 after doing his thesis in human computer interaction at the Technical University in Munich. Upon graduation, he traveled to the UK to join a volunteer organization, going on volunteer trips to South America and Africa. In an interim in Egypt in 2011, he taught computer science courses at the German University in Cairo. In 2012, he returned to Cairo full-time and  joined a leading regional private investment bank as Research Product Manager, combining his passion for qualitative research with his technical skills.

In 2013, Amir joined the inaugural class at CUSP, driven by his interest in the intersection of technology, research, and policy. With his undergraduate education, Amir focused his electives on the social science and policy aspects of the CUSP program. He also assisted with CUSP’s external relations during the Summer of 2014. For his capstone project, Amir worked on implementing a tool to streamline the preparation, review, and evaluation of Environmental Impact Statements in New York City. He also provided recommendations for improving the environmental review process in keeping with New York City’s open data goals.

After graduating from CUSP, Amir joined the New York City Economic Development Corporation as a Project Manager for International Affairs.