Meet Our Inaugural ClassAlex Chohlas-Wood

Alex graduated from Carleton College in 2008 with a BA in Studio Art. He has filmed and produced two documentaries and worked as digital director for the artist Tom Sachs.

At CUSP, his projects used machine learning and visualization to draw actionable insight from large data sets. He created a predictive model for 911 calls to aid police resource allocation; built an algorithm and interactive dashboard to reduce the volume of stop-and-frisks; and developed a map that non-profits use to find undocumented communities. His study of high-usage gaps in citywide bike infrastructure was recognized by Citi Bike as a “Best New Use of Data”. At the conclusion of the year, Alex was recognized with CUSP’s inaugural Outstanding Student Achievement Award.

Outside of CUSP, Alex studied predictive features of traffic accidents at the Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, and developed a series of interactive online maps for the Regional Plan Association. After graduating, Alex joined the New York Police Department as the Director of Research and Evaluation at the Department’s Office of Strategic Initiatives.