Kristin Feliz

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Assistant Director, Admissions 646-997-0507 Kristin is a higher education professional with extensive experience in admissions, enrollment & recruitment strategies, social media activities, and student information systems. Prior to joining CUSP, Kristin was the Senior Assistant Director of International Admissions… Continue Reading Kristin Feliz

John Albanese

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Director, Education Services 646-997-0524 As Director of Education Services, John Albanese manages the day to day operations and administration of CUSP's education program to ensure effective program delivery, compliance and impact. This includes coordination of admissions, academic affairs, student… Continue Reading John Albanese

Bikramjit Singh

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Admissions Systems Specialist (646) 997-0572 As Admissions Systems Specialist, Bik manages student information systems and analyzes data throughout the admissions cycle from prospect to enrollment.Prior to joining CUSP, Bik worked as a Business Data and Reporting Analyst for Admissions… Continue Reading Bikramjit Singh

Sattik Deb

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Assistant Director, Academic Services 646-997-0583 As Assistant Director for Academic Services, Sattik plays a strategic role in coordinating academic term logistics, planning the student experience, academic counseling, and various other student services.  Prior to joining NYU, Sattik worked at… Continue Reading Sattik Deb

John Cardillo

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Assistant Director, Career Services 646-997-0565 John Cardillo is an accomplished career services professional with extensive background experience in career advising, program development, employer relations, job development and workshop facilitation.  Prior to joining CUSP, John was a Career Advisor at… Continue Reading John Cardillo

Marina Salamon

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Marketing & Recruitment Specialist 646-997-0515 LinkedIn Marina is CUSP’s Marketing and Recruitment Specialist. Currently, she designs print and digital media for use in CUSP’s internal/external marketing efforts; leads digital marketing strategies for CUSP’s graduate programs; and serves as the point… Continue Reading Marina Salamon