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ProgramUrban Informatics & City Analytics

Location CUSP, New York City

Length 3 Days

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Executive Education at CUSP

Urban Informatics & Data Analytics: using data to make cities efficient, livable, equitable, and resilient
Executive Education at CUSP provides you with the ability to use large-scale data, from a variety of sources, to understand and address real-world challenges in the urban context. As a participant of this program, you will gain the following knowledge and competencies:

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Program Details

Three day intensives covering the fundamental of urban data analytics

Delivered over the course of three days, this rigorous program equips participants with the skills required to partner with senior management and key executives within their organizations in order to design and implement city analytics and urban informatics initiatives that deliver measurable, scalable results.

The program covers trends, challenges, and opportunities for in Big Data applications for urban systems, including such critical informatics skills as data management and mining of massive datasets, data science and analytics, and information visualization, with particular focus on the development and implementation of solutions within the urban environment.

Through lectures held by leading faculty, researchers, practitioners, and city leaders, together with case studies, cohort discussions, and professional coaching, participants will acquire the knowledge needed to unlock the potential of Big Data in order to make cities more efficient, livable, equitable, and resilient.

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