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Unlock the Potential in Big Data

New Yorkers took 1.6 billion rides on New York City subways in 2011. With each trip came a swipe of a MetroCard and a massive amount of new entries into the Department of Transportation’s databases. It is the job of urban scientists to intelligently manipulate such data and combine it with datasets from other sources to uncover a richer, more meaningful story than riders traveling from point A to point B.

CUSP’s graduate programs in applied urban science and informatics will teach you the fundamentals and investigative tools and techniques to be such an urban scientist.

You will learn the principles of informatics, including how to:

  • Identify and assess urban problems in domains such as transit, utilities, and health
  • Evaluate data needs and sources
  • Collect and manipulate large-scale datasets
  • Cultivate analytical approaches to problem-solving in real-world situations

CUSP’s graduate programs in applied urban science and informatics leverage New York City as a living lab and the strengths of academic and industrial partnership to create a unique data-driven educational program.

With its university, industry, and agency partners, CUSP develops immersive projects for its students. The projects are of real significance, addressing actual city challenges, and producing viable solutions to improve not just New York City, but other cities in the US and around the world. Join us as we set a new and better course for urban living.



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