NYU CUSP Graduate StudentsFall 2017 Cohort

Chermesh, Dana

Dana Chermesh Reshef

MS Class of 2018


An Architect specialized in urban renewal, currently focusing in big-data analytics and urban science skills in order to form smarter and more just cities, and to improve people’s quality of life.

Gaining an ample experience within the atmosphere of Tel-Aviv’s aggressive urban renewal processes has made me all the more eager to pursue my goal of developing viable, dynamic, data-driven tools and/or methods that could tackle the huge urban data set regarding property values, development rights distribution, house ownership and rentals, and spatial justice, and to suit these tools also to non-professionals, empowering residents to better deal with real-estate free market forces.

I believe in the considerable power of an excellent, intelligent design in improving people’s day-to-day lives, and that planners must acquire the skills to collect and manipulate large-scale datasets for assessing the financial, social and environmental consequences of our work.

Most Recent Professional Experience


Tel-Aviv, Israel, 2011-2017

Leading Israeli architectural firm, specializing in urban renewal

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