NYU CUSP Graduate StudentsFall 2017 Cohort

Shannon, Alex

Alex Shannon

MS Class of 2018


Data professional who enjoys crunching numbers, but realizes that pursuing the wrong questions can be just as inefficient as (and possibly much more dangerous than) using bubble sort. Primarily interested in the intersection of data and human behavior, particularly in urban environments, and seeking to better comprehend seeming anomalies in behavior patterns through the collection and analysis of big data.

Most Recent Professional Experience

Senior Associate – Management Intelligence & Analytics, Clutch Group, LLC

Washington DC, May 2016 – Jan 2017

Associate – Business Analytics & Logistics, Clutch Group, LLC

Washington DC, Dec 2014 – Apr 2016

Founder & Owner, Crooked Trails, Inc.

Charlottesville, VA, Apr 2013 – Oct 2014

Undergraduate Education

Other Degrees & Certifications

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Current Interests