Admitted Students Welcome Fall 2014 Class

Welcome from Program Director

Dr. Constantine Kontokosta

Once again, congratulations on being admitted to the Fall 2014 class in urban informatics at NYU CUSP. The CUSP leadership team and the M.S. Program Admissions Committee have sought talented, accomplished students who bring both enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to our shared challenge of defining a science of cities and using data to make cities better places to live. We have designed a program that brings together individuals with diverse technical backgrounds with a common desire to use big data and data science tools to tackle some of the most pressing problems facing cities today – and into the future.
The digital age is defined by an incredible ability to collect, store, analyze, and communicate massive amounts of data. At the same time, the rapid pace of global urbanization is placing increased strains on city resources and infrastructure, coupled with emerging challenges resulting from climate change and constraints facing the developing world. Bringing big data to bear on urban societal problems — from clean air to transportation to healthcare — is at the heart of NYU CUSP’s mission and provides a path to improve both the operations of existing cities and the planning of those to be built. As students in this program and with New York City as your laboratory, you will be working side-by-side with faculty and researchers, city and state agencies, and industry and university partners to move New York City – and cities around the world – forward and advance the field of urban informatics. You will be trained in a range of informatics disciplines – from data collection and management to data mining and visualization to data science – focused on an urban domain of your choice, culminating in a real-world project with city leaders.

During your time at CUSP, you will develop skills and experiences that will build your intellectual and analytical capabilities to understand complex urban problems and to develop a data-driven approach to city operations, policy, and planning. In the process, you will develop lasting personal and professional relationships that will shape your career path and immerse you in a community of students and alumni dedicated to making cities more efficient, equitable, sustainable, and resilient. I hope you will join us in September and accept our invitation to become an integral part of the historic mission of NYU CUSP.

Dr. Constantine Kontokosta, P.E
Deputy Director, CUSP
New York University